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Frozen Foods


Scratch cooks will find chicken, fish, pasta and vegetables just waiting for your special touch. If your lifestyle dictates convenience, Berkeley Finer Foods can save your day with entrees, dinners, pot pies, and heat-and-eat chicken and fish products. And no matter what your style, you’ll find family-pleasing choices in pizzas, potato products, ice cream, and frozen desserts.
Here's a few of endless potential frozen-food-to-the-rescue scenarios: 
You want a healthy breakfast on the go--blend up a smoothie with frozen blueberries, or mangos, or sweet-as-candy pineapple.
You're having a bad day. A pint of vanilla ice cream makes everything better.
You're on a health kick but attacked by a fit of the munchies. Heat up some frozen microwave ready steamed vegtables and you're in business.
You're cooking up a big, beautiful soup. Frozen peas, or broccoli, round out your recipe with fresh, vivid flavors.
Company's coming and you've had no time to muss and fuss. Time to unleash the frozen pot stickers. We won't tell.
Well hello there, midnight snack attack. We're so prepared for you. One word: burritos. Runners up: frozen pizza, bagel bites.
Kids hate your lovely dinner? Fish sticks to the rescue..
The list goes on, and on, and on…
Frozen supplies are a must for any well-stocked, food emergency-proof kitchen. At Berkeley Finer Foods, we're committed to bringing you the very best, tastiest, highest quality, great priced frozen foods. We're good like that.