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Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat

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Whole Hoka Turkeys

Kauffman Turkey Farms is one of the last remaining independent family owned and operated turkey farms with its own dressing plant in the country. Providing fresh dressed turkeys to the Northern Illinois area for over 70 years. This big, beautiful tom turkey, displayed by Robert Kauffman, is only one of thousands that are range grown here on the Kauffman Turkey Farm. Our Turkeys are grown from one day of age until they are dressed in the farm's federally inspected plant. We raise our birds with the emphasis on quality. This means that the turkeys grow more slowly and develop a richer flavor and denser texture.

Now Serving Certified Angus BEEF
·  Taste the difference. There’s Angus. Then there’s the Certified Angus Beef ® brand.
·  A cut above USDA Prime, Choice and Select. Ten quality standards ensure the brand’s premium name. (Note: reference to USDA grades must also always include 10 quality standards)
·  Beef must pass 10 quality standards to earn the brand’s premium name.
·  Only 1 in 4 Angus cattle meets the brand’s high standards.
·  A cut above all other Angus beef.
·  The best Angus beef available.
·  Abundantly flavorful. Incredibly tender. Naturally juicy. The Certified Angus Beef ® brand — Angus beef at its best ®.
·  There are many brands of beef, but only one Angus brand exceeds expectations. The Certified Angus Beef ® brand – a cut above all other Angus beef.
·  Our beef is exceptional. It offers the incredible flavor, tenderness and juiciness only found in the Certified Angus Beef ® brand. Indulge your taste buds today.
·  Discover mouthwatering beef flavor in every bite of our Certified Angus Beef ® brand entrées. Uncompromising standards make it the best-tasting beef in town.
The benchmark for every butcher department is first and foremost the quality and freshness of its ground meat. Your Berkeley Finer Food butcher offers you the cleanest, best-tasting ground beef that exists. The chopped meat from our own trim, ground by our own butchers all day, every day. We make our own fresh sausage/Italian/chorizo each and every day, in each and every store, from the freshest ingredients and traditional recipes that have been passed down for generations. Our traditional sausage starts off with the best selection of western corn-fed pork, hand-trimmed and chilled to keep it nice and cool through the blades of the grinder. It is ground only once. Sausage making is an art; and we’re proud to say we’ve mastered it.
Our butchers are deeply knowledgeable. Just ask! We are always more than happy to custom-cut anything you want. You deserve the best: the freshest and tastiest. It’s what we offer here. When you visit the Berkeley Finer Foods meat department, you’re getting a great value and expert service .
Food Internal Cooked
Temperature (°F.)
Beef, Veal, Lamb,Roasts and Steaks
Medium rare 145°
Medium 160°
Well done 160°
Ground meat 160°
Raw sausages 160°
Ready-to-eat sausages 165°
Pork, Roasts, and Chops
Medium rare 145°
Medium 160°
Well done 170°
Ground 160°
Whole bird, legs, thighs
& wings
Ground 165°
Chicken and turkey breasts 165°
Stuffing 165°
Fish Cook until flakes easily
with a fork
Leftovers Reheat to 165° at the
thickest part
Eggs Cook until both the white
and the yolk are firm
Egg dishes 160°