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When you chose to purchase your Dairy or Frozen products from Berkeley Finer Foods you know that you are getting nothing but the best. Here at Berkeley Finer Foods we strive to bring our customers the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.

Be Good to your Bod

Besides being divinely tasty, dairy is also good for you. You may no longer have a tall glass of milk with each meal, but mom was right: dairy foods offer a bounty of health benefits. Dairy is bursting with calcium and protein, two essential ingredients for healthy bones and bod. Kefir, the fermented milk drink, fills your body with friendly bacteria to aid digestion and gives your immune system a leg up. Soy milk and cow's milk deliver loads of potassium and Vitamin D. Some studies have shown that getting in your dairy can make you slimmer. They probably didn't mean mint chocolate chip ice cream

Stop into Berkeley Finer Foods and see what we have to offer.