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Our History


Our history of Berkeley finer Foods began in 1990 with two young teens working for their brother-In-Law. Five days a week all year round, they worked after school at SuperMercado Torres (Current Sister Company to Berkeley Finer Foods).  As Current Presidents of Berkeley Finer Foods Inc. John & Rudy often tell their humble start in the food retail industry and the impact of a summer job that altered their lives and careers from that point forward.
“At the start of our summer job it was just a job; but that quickly became a holiday seasonal job, that soon became a career for both of us. After our first year at Torres I (John) realized this job would define me as business man. In that moment and every morning since then I’d wake up with a sense of urgency and responsibility to get in to work. In the beginning at Supermercado Torres; business was barley gaining momentum. Business was slow and family was last to be paid. It was those early moments that defined my (John) attitude toward food retail (selling groceries) as something I loved to do. Groceries is what I sold at a fair price and an unshakeable commitment to good customer service is what we served.”
An opportunity presented itself 12 years later and in 2002 John was a made businessman. The once young teen, now a grown man decided to invest his life savings to partner up with his former boss & brother In-Law on a business venture  right here at Berkeley Finer Foods in Berkeley IL. Then 8 years later in 2010 his younger brother Rudy had his own opportunity to partner up along with his brother in law to open a second Berkeley finer foods in Batavia IL.  Now with 2 locations of Berkeley Finer Foods & 3 Torres Fresh Markets (Torres Supermercados) this once small family owned business is a small successful chain of grocery stores.

Who We Are

We seek out the best available Meats and Produce, maintain high standards, and have an unshakeable commitment to our customers.  Add to that the one on one customer dialogue with managers and you start to get a sense of what we’re about.  Our goal is not just to server our customers, but to serve their families and our communities as well.
Providing the Highest Quality of meat at great price. Compare our Certified Angus (CAB) Beef Steaks, CAB Roast for holiday season, and any of our bestselling Homemade Sausage. Our prices will not be the lowest but we strive to make anything we do better than our competitors.  
A Very Special Thanks to the customers and Employees who helped us get to where we are today. We know with out great employees to service our awesome customers we couldn’t have made it with out you both.
 “A very humble thank you from Berkeley Finer Foods Presidents John & Rudy”